How To Get Married Online in Georgia (Step-by-Step Guide)

August 23, 2022
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Georgia is widely recognized as a top choice for couples planning their weddings. With its appeal for quick marriages and cost-effective options, the state offers the possibility of getting married online. Opting for an online marriage in Georgia allows couples to expedite the process while minimizing expenses. However, it's important to understand the specifics of the online marriage procedure. 

In this article, we will explore the steps and considerations involved in getting married online in Georgia. Whether you're looking for a swift and budget-friendly option or simply curious about the process, read on to discover more about online marriages in Georgia.

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The Legality of Online Marriages in Georgia

Online marriages were not legally recognized in Georgia before the global pandemic, as laws governing the legitimacy of marriages and officiants required the couple and the officiant to be physically present during the ceremony. Additionally, obtaining a marriage license in Georgia typically required an in-person visit to the county clerk's office.

However, the outbreak of the pandemic and the subsequent social isolation measures presented challenges for couples who wanted to get married. Some county clerk offices in Georgia were temporarily closed, making it difficult to comply with the traditional requirements.

Then in 2019, Utah introduced a fully digital end-to-end marriage license issuance and recording process, allowing couples to apply for a marriage license, conduct the ceremony, and have the officiant submit the necessary paperwork online. This online marriage procedure in Utah eliminated the need for couples to physically visit the office to obtain and return their marriage license.

Since January 2020, couples have had the option to complete the entire marriage process online. This means they can apply for a marriage license, hold the ceremony, and have the officiant handle the paperwork for the marriage certificate, all without the need to physically visit the office. 

The great news is that Utah's online marriage process is open to anyone, regardless of residency. This means that individuals from anywhere can take advantage of this option to get legally married online. By going through this process, couples will receive a valid US Marriage Certificate, which holds recognition throughout the country as long as it adheres to federal and state laws.

Requirements for In-Person Weddings in Georgia

If you are planning to have an in-person wedding in Georgia, there are certain documents you will need to obtain a marriage license. These documents should be brought with you when you go for the in-person appointment.

Proof of Age:

In Georgia, the minimum age requirement to get married is 18 years old, and you will need to provide identification to prove your age. Acceptable documents include a birth certificate, driver's license, baptismal certificate, passport, immigration paperwork, or a hospital admittance card that includes the patient's full name and date of birth.

Proof of Divorce:

If either you or your partner has been previously divorced, you will need to provide the date of the divorce on the marriage license application. Additionally, if the divorce was finalized within 30 days of your license application, you will need to submit a copy of the divorce decree.

It is important to note that the cost of a marriage license in Georgia is approximately $56, plus an additional $20 in fees. However, this cost does not cover expenses related to the ceremony, the officiant, or transportation to and from the courthouse.

In-Person Marriage License Application in Georgia

Both you and your partner are required to appear in person at a designated bureau to apply for the license. Online application for marriage licenses is not available in any county in Georgia.

The process may vary slightly depending on whether you or your partner is a resident of Georgia. If at least one of you is a resident, you have the flexibility to apply for a marriage license in any county within the state, regardless of where the wedding ceremony will take place. However, if neither of you is a resident, you must apply for the license in the county where the ceremony will occur.

Each county in Georgia has its procedures for obtaining a marriage license. For example, in Fulton County, you can visit one of three probate courts during their operating hours to apply for the license. Walk-ins are typically welcome, but there may be some waiting involved. In Chatham County, you can request a marriage license by email or by applying to a designated dropbox. An appointment will be scheduled for you to meet in person. In Clayton County, you must first apply for a marriage license online and then secure an in-person appointment to complete the necessary paperwork.

It's important to note that obtaining a marriage license is just one step in the process of getting legally married. You will still need to find an officiant, plan and hold a wedding ceremony, and ensure that all the necessary parties, including you, your officiant, and witnesses, are physically present in Georgia for the ceremony. Your guests, however, may join online if desired.

If you prefer a more streamlined and convenient process, you can consider using services like Courtly, which allows couples to complete the entire marriage procedure remotely from any location. Courtly provides a simplified and efficient way to obtain a valid US marriage certificate with minimal documentation and without the need for in-person visits.

Simplifying the Process with Courtly

Courtly provides a remote and convenient option for couples to complete the marriage process without the need for in-person visits. With Courtly, couples can navigate the entire process from any location, eliminating the time and effort required for trips to courthouses or county offices. 

Using Courtly for online marriages in Georgia offers several benefits. It prioritizes convenience by allowing couples to complete the process from home, saving time and travel expenses. Courtly simplifies documentation requirements and ensures a user-friendly experience. It also prioritizes speed and efficiency, allowing couples to obtain their marriage certificate promptly. 

Additionally, Courtly provides an inclusive solution, enabling couples from outside Georgia to get married in the state without restrictions, promoting diversity and accessibility in the marriage process.

The Legality of Online Marriages Outside the US

If you intend to have your wedding recognized in a country other than the United States, it may be necessary to obtain an Apostille certification. This certification ensures that your marriage license is valid, legally authentic, and recognized in all countries that have ratified The Hague Apostille Convention of 1961. While remote wedding ceremonies conducted by a Courtly officiant comply with U.S. law, it's important to note that foreign countries or immigration authorities may not always recognize them as valid, particularly if your partner is a foreign national.

It is crucial to understand the specific requirements and regulations of the country where you intend to have your marriage recognized. While Courtly provides an efficient and convenient solution for completing the marriage process, it's advisable to consult with the relevant authorities or seek legal guidance to ensure compliance with the specific rules and procedures of the foreign country. This will help ensure that your marriage is recognized and accepted internationally, providing you and your partner with the legal rights and privileges associated with a valid marriage in your desired destination.

Online Marriage Process with Courtly in Georgia

Using Courtly, couples have the convenience of completing the entire marriage process online from anywhere. With Courtly, obtaining a legitimate U.S. marriage certificate is quick and easy, typically within 48 hours, and without the need for extensive documentation.

1. Create an account

To get started, simply create an account by clicking the "Get Married" button on the website. After registering, you can immediately access your account and proceed with the process.

2. Choose the type of ceremony, venue, and officiant

Once your information is verified, you can choose the type of ceremony, venue, and officiant that suits your preferences. Courtly will match you with a legally qualified U.S. officiant who is available on your selected date and time.

3. Make the payment

After paying the wedding package fee, you will receive a confirmation email from Courtly. This confirms your booking and signals the start of the wedding preparations. For complete information on our available wedding packages and add-ons, please check our Pricing Page.

4. Celebrate with your family

The online ceremony itself can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home or any location with a reliable internet connection. The ceremony typically lasts around 15 minutes.

Following the online wedding, you will receive a digital copy of your U.S. marriage certificate, available for download within 24 hours. Additionally, a printed copy will be delivered to you within 1-2 weeks.


Courtly offers couples a fast and uncomplicated process for online marriages in Georgia. With Courtly's platform, couples can complete the entire marriage process remotely, eliminating the need for in-person visits and paperwork. The convenience, efficiency, and streamlined procedures provided by Courtly make it an attractive choice for couples seeking a valid U.S. marriage certificate quickly and effortlessly. 

Courtly's contribution to online marriage in Georgia revolutionizes the process, allowing couples to register, submit documentation, select ceremony options, and celebrate their marriage online. This innovative approach embraces technology and provides a modern and efficient solution for couples to legalize their union in the digital age.

Let us handle the paperwork.

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